CSA Chatbot Journey

Templatizing chatbots is a thing now with built-in industry best practices and knowledge to support key process decision points. The chatbot adoption rate skyrocketed in the wake of COVID-19, with CAGR expected to reach 22.5% by 2027. Earlier this year, Salesforce announced plans to add templates to its Einstein Bots Platform to offer an assortment of pre-built but customizable chatbots for customer service. ISV’s are poised to follow suit.

So, we set out to design a bi-directional, conversational chatbot experience for the life science computer software assurance process. 

Why Chatbots for Computer Software Assurance?

  1. Operational Cost Reduction – Chatbots can help with risk management, one of the most common frustrations with validation. Getting simple risk questions answered, chatbots can easily recommend risk ratings and mitigations, based not only on the responses but in combination with past and related activities. Applying a risk-based approach to validation has proven to reduce costs by 50%. Having a chatbot use data to support the process further decreases cost.
  2. Compliance – Chatbot data and recommendations are securely stored, easily searchable, and retrievable for auditing purposes, analysis, and record keeping.
  3. Advances in AI and machine learning – Technological advancements have given chatbots the ability to predict what validation engineers will need/do based on history.
  4. Low Code Options – The cost to launch a templatized chatbot for computer software assurance includes little to no coding/development.


As a first step, we established a persona, a mission, and some objectives/goals for the chatbot. 

Mission: To ensures that validation obligations are fully monitored and met at all times, eliminating the need for unnecessarily conservative validation policies that restrict time to value.

Chatbot Persona: ROQi (pronounced Rocky) is a new validation center of excellence team member. She recently moved to the US from Australia, where she was a lead validation engineer from a large life science organization.


  • Provide real-time assistance at all points of the journey
  • Be proactive
  • Minimize risk
  • Provide predictive and actionable insights


Next, we created a high-level, simple journey map. Mapping out the chatbot journey is an effective way to understand the user flow through the validation lifecycle. However, given that ROQi can have more than one intent along the validation lifecycle, you can see how a simple map to explore all options is not the most effective approach. Ultimately we landed on multiple journey maps and multiple customer personas. Below is ROQi’s very high-level digital journey map.

    1. A new requirement to manage a deviation in the quality management system is received.
    2. Requirements from the user community are captured, managed, and tracked at every stage of the system’s lifecycle. 
    3. ROQi interactively captures the requirement, searches for similar requests, and provides additional details and suggestions.
    4. When the requirement is accepted, ROQi proactively suggests risk and mitigation activities.
    5. Similarly, as defects are raised during the validation process, ROQi identifies duplicates and offers defect resolutions. 
    6. ROQi reviews the test results, prepares for release, and notifies users.


We discovered that at each part of the journey, ROQi optimizes processes and decisions to make sure that computer software assurance is delivered consistently and efficiently.  And so, we decided to templatize our chatbots in such a way that they can be configured and used within any life science organization.  

With a mission to accelerate the adoption of CSA within Life Sciences organizations, ROQMetrics is committed to delivering industry best practices for GxP Computer Software Assurance including a full validation lifecycle management platform and pre-defined chatbots on the Salesforce Einstein Bots Platform.  Our goals, for all of our technology products, are to deliver faster time to value, reduce costs, minimize risk, and provide useful insights to our customers.

Watch ROQi in action in the video below.

Contact us at 877-221-0767 or info@roqmetrics.com for more information about ROQi’s full CSA journey.


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