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FRIDAY FEATURE FOCUS – Visual Action History

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FRIDAY FEATURE FOCUS – Visual Action History

Quick Glance at Action History

Sometimes you just want a quick visual of where a record has been without wading through a history table. ValidateMyApp contains a handy action history visualizer to meet this need.

It’s not the same as the Status Path

The out of the box status path such as the one below shows the happy path that a record can take. This is great, but records don’t always step through the happy path in a serial fashion. Below is the happy status path. The status path is a nice visual but it doesn’t represent the fact the the record actually passed through the “In Progress” and “Reviewing” steps twice. As you can see below, it shows only 4 statuses entries and 3 actions.

The devil is in the details

Using the validateMyApp action visualizer you can see how the record progressed through the path in the real world. The visualizer exposes the detours that are not visible in the status path above.

The validateMyApp action visualizer represents all of the actions taken on the same record. Looking at the image below, you can see that the record really went through 7 status changes invoked by 6 actions taken by users.

In addition, the action history visualizer indicates when the current status resulted in an alert of some sort. The alert/error is depicted with a red triangle.

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