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FRIDAY FEATURE FOCUS – Artifact Dependencies

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FRIDAY FEATURE FOCUS – Artifact Dependencies

What is an artifact dependency?

A validation suite contains many artifacts, and the order of processing approvals is critical. For example, if you approve functional requirements before user requirements, you likely have a problem in your process. This order of execution issue is usually apparent by reviewing effectiveness dates on artifacts. In this case, the effective date of the functional requirements artifact is before the effective date of the user requirements. Auditors often compare these dates in search of such discrepancies.

Validation Suite

A validateMyApp validation suite is a family of artifacts that support the validated state of a system. The validation suite can contain a host of artifacts from requirements, plans, tests, summaries, etc. These artifacts are created and approved at different points in time in the System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and have dependencies on each other.

ValidateMyApp Artifact Approval Dependencies

ValidateMyApp artifact approval dependencies allow for the configuration of the sequencing of artifact approvals. You can add multiple related artifact dependencies when defining artifacts. Below we see that the functional requirements artifact has a dependency on the user requirements artifact, which is pending approval. Because the user requirements artifact is pending approval, the functional requirements artifact can advance to the review stage, but it cannot proceed to an effective stage until the user requirements artifact is approved.

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